BLLED Configuration Setup

Wifi and printer setup.

This page is for setting up your blled controller.
Before trying to configure your controller make sure you’re using the Expirimental firmware, which you can find Here.


before you start, make sure you have a CH340 Driver installed.

1. Connect your blled controller with a usb cable to your computer.
2. Scroll down and click on Connect.
3. Select the first device that says USB Serial.
4. Enter your SSID, Password, Printer IP, Printer Access Code and Printer Serial in their respected fields.
5. Click Send and look in the console for “Saving config”.
6. follow the console to see if the Controller has successfully connected to your network and to check if the Controller has connected to your printer.
7. Go to the given ip adress in the console to further configure any preferences.


BLLEDController WIFI Setup Page

This page allows you to set up your BLLEDController's WIFI By entering your WIFI details.