Roblox Audio Discovery Downloader

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This application will grab all the audio’s from your game in studio and download them to your computer.


Roblox Audio Discovery Downloader

Because roblox’s recent changes for asset privacy for audio 
Developer’s are forced to download and reupload all their audio which is a painfull and slow process.
So i’ve writen this nodejs application with an roblox plugin which will look through your game for audio’s and download them to your computer so you can easily reupload them

Note: 22nd of march roblox changed the way how preview audio works. If an audio has been set to private you can’t download it anymore and the result will be a blank mp3 file.

V1: (Max 20 audio downloads due roblox restrictions)
V1.2 Unlimited audios and uses the ingame asset name as file name.
V1.3 Plugin now goes through your scripts, String values and Int Values to try and find potentional audio sources, then it will scrub through them and filter out any id’s that arent sounds.
V1.4 Fixed an issue where some audio’s corrupt.