Channel memberships

Channel memberships

Channel Membership is a feature offered by YouTube to allow publishers to offer special perks to those who like to support their favorite YouTubers!

I currently offer 5 levels of channel membership and details of these can be found below.

The price for each level is shown in US dollars but if you are in a different country to the US, the membership prices will be shown in your local currency. It’s a monthly fee but you can cancel at any time.


$ 1.99 Monthly
  • Members-only live stream
  • Custom DutchDeveloper Emoijs
  • Member Loyalty Chat Badges


$ 5.99 Monthly
  • Access to perks from previous level/s
  • Access to Members only discord
  • Access To Source Code & Project Files (Copy & Paste MY Scripts!)
  • Members only polls & posts


$ 14.99 Monthly
  • Access to perks from previous level/s
  • A follow on twitter and roblox