The new BLLEDController Guide

This guide shows the installation process of the revised firmware.

If you wish to install the old firmware (Esp8266 only) you can head over to the coresponding page over here:

Before continuing with this guide, install the newest firmware in the flashing section below, Make sure to erase the device before installing by clicking the checkmark on erase.
After installation follow this guide.


What is a BL Led Controller

The BL Led Controller is an accessory designed to provide additional lighting for Bambulab X1 and X1C 3D printers. Users can customize it by flashing their own firmware, which gives them complete control over the LED strip’s lighting behavior. The firmware is open-sourced, allowing users to modify and create their own lighting patterns and behaviors. The BL Led Controller is capable of communicating directly with the printer, ensuring that the LED strip’s lighting is always in sync with the printer’s status. Overall, it is a valuable accessory that enhances the printing experience and provides increased flexibility for users. 

We’ve created a guide that will help you set up your BL LED Controller quickly and easily. Whether you’re new to this technology or an experienced user, we’re confident that our step-by-step instructions will make the process a breeze.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Bambulab LED Controller, you can find it on Etsy.

In case you’ve previously installed custom firmware on your device and want to revert it to the original firmware, we’ve also included a flashing section to guide you through the process.

Additionally, if you’re curious about the specific power adapter and LED strip we use, you can find links to them below:
Ledstrip: AliExpress RGBCCT 12MM PCB 24V
Power Supply: AliExpress 24V 2A Power Adapter

Alternatively if you live near the Action store francise you can purchase this instead outsourcing your parts from aliexpress:

If you want to make your own case, here you can find the 3d model:

If you want to use the same ledraiser, here you can find the 3d model:

Github source:
Join our Discord:

Getting started

Before you get too excited and wire everything up, let’s take a step back and Read the note section down below and then lets configure the device first.

  1. Remove the board from its enclosure by using a flathead screwdriver to remove the back cover. Pull up one of the corners to do this.

  2. Connect a micro-USB cable to both your computer and the device. If you don’t already have it installed, make sure to install the CH340 drivers, which are mentioned in the flashing section.

[Note]: Ensure that the board isn’t receiving 24V when you plug it into your computer.

3. Take out your phone and navigate to the Wi-Fi settings. You should see a new network called “Bambulab LED Controller” popping up. This might take a couple of minutes to start up. Once you see it, connect to this network.

4. After you have successfully connected to the “Bambulab LED Controller” network, a page will open up on your phone allowing you to set up your Wi-Fi details. Click on “Configure Wi-Fi” to begin.

5. When you click on “Configure Wi-Fi,” it will open another page where you can configure your Wi-Fi settings. You can either select the SSID name from the top or manually type it in the SSID input box.
After entering your SSID Information you have to enter your 3d printer information
To find your IP address and access code, click on the cogwheel on the left side of the page, and then select “Network.” Your serial number can be found by clicking on the cogwheel on the left side, then selecting “General,” and then “Device.”

For now you can ignore Config password. but make sure to write it down or take a screenshot of it, This will be used later to access the config panel.

After entering the necessary information, click on “Save” to save your settings and it should connect to the wifi network and start connecting with your 3d printer.

6. That’s it! You have successfully configured the Bambulab LED Controller, and it is now ready to be connected to your chosen LED strip and a 24V power adapter.


First of all, you need a serial driver to connect the bl led controller to your computer.
The devices uses a CH340 chip, that can be downloaded here
Please check the licence before flashing.

  1. Make sure you’ve the right driver installed.
  2. Connect the device to the computer via a microusb cable.
  3. Open this page via Chrome or Edge browser and click on the connect button below

Config Panel

This new firmware has changed how you enter your printer information. but you can still change it the old fashion way.

Find your BLLEDController on your network. this can be done by the console for its ip or you can look on your network through your router.

Once you’ve entered the IP of the blled controller you’ll see this page.

Here you can controll the behaviour of your BLLEDController

Replicate LED State:
when enabled it will sync the chamber light. when disabled it will ignore the state of the chamber light and only turn on/off whenever the printer is on or off

Error Detection:
When enabled the leds will turn red if theres an issue with the printer.

Finish Indication:
When enabled the leds will turn green whenever the printjob has been completed.